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Cuisinart Slow Cooker Review and Comparisons

Are you looking for more information and comparison about various Cuisinart slow cooker models (and a few other models thrown in for good measure)? Then you’re in the right place. Much like you, I’m a busy mom. I used to spend a small fortune each month on

West Bend Oblong Slow Cooker

Do you love to cook but don’t have time for it? If so, then why not find the best cooking tool that will help you prepare and cook your food right without the hassle of wasting a lot of time? You should opt for the West Bend

Mexican Chilli Chicken Crockpot Recipe

Looking for a Mexican Chilli Chicken Crockpot Recipe? Look no further, here comes one of the best Mexican Chilli Chicken Crockpot Recipes you have ever tried! 1kg (or approx 2 lb) chicken breasts (skinless & boneless), cubed 3 cloves garlic, very finely chopped or minced 2 large

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Review

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is one of the flagship models from Instant Pot, so of course you would expect to see some major features. First of all, the product dimensions are 13 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches, which makes it large enough to cook

Cook Delicious Food Using The Best Slow Cooker Cookbooks

Nothing is complete without a perfect and satisfying meal. As the saying goes ‘the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach’. So this in mind, though today women and men share responsibilities in the house, mostly the part of cooking for the family lies with

What To Expect From a KitchenAid Slow Cooker

The Kitchenaid slow cooker is probably one of the best programmable cooking kitchen utensils on the market. What this slow cooker has that most of us do not is patience! This slow cooker does most of the work for you and even comes with some great suggestions

Crock Pot Liners: Why Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners are the Best

Crock pots are real life savers! The whole cooking experience dramatically improves when you start using this piece of equipment. With how easy and convenient cooking with crock pot is, you can prepare delicious and great looking meals and share it with your friends and family anytime

Rival Crock Pots – Original Slow Cooking the Modern Way

Crock pots have been used for decades for slow cooking. Most people know the benefits of slow cooking. It tenderizes even the toughest meats and as a bonus, it flavors food in such a way that you can never achieve with fast cooking. This is the reason

Four Quart Crock Pot – Great for Large Families

A four quart crock pot is an ideal kitchen appliance for the working woman or man with a large family. Women or men who do not work may also need a four quart slow cooker in order to get all their daily errands done. Generally, crock pots,