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Excellent improvements across the board. Read our full West Bend 84966 Review below!

West Bend 84966 slow cookerThe West Bend 84966 slow cooker improves on its previous griddle type heating base slow cookers by providing a programmable timer and electronic controls. This slow cooker features a 6 Quart cooking bowl with a tempered glass lid that is freezer, oven and stove safe. With three temperature settings with an option to switch to griddle cooking, the West Bend 84966 provides sufficient versatility. This slow cooker also uses a countdown timer with an automatic shut off after 24 hours. The cooking pot is oval or oblong shaped instead of being round like orthodox slow cookers. It comes with a coordinated recipe book that provides precise instructions and recipes specifically for this slow cooker. The West Bend 84966 is protected by a one year limited warranty, which helps to ensure that you’re going to get a slow cooker that’s going to last.

I am a complete “non-cook” and I look like a five-star chef when I use my West Bend Versatility slow cooker! I love it!

West Bend 84966 Review

We got the West Bend 84966 slow cooker about a month back from Amazon and have since used it on weekends to prepare a feast for our friends and family members. The programmable timer is one reason why we don’t mind using it on weekends because it allows us to set the temperature and timer simultaneously and forget about it. Last week, we made our special lamb stew recipe using the West Bend 84966 and it came out exactly as we have come to expect. Considering the fact that we were using a slow cooker for the first time for this recipe, we decided to get premium quality lamb and chopped up some vegetables, adding them to the slow cooker along with other ingredients, herbs and spices. We set the temperature and let it cook for a good 9 hours on low setting. In the mean time we prepared a few other items on the stove and took a stroll through the park nearby. By time we came home, it was ready and we were eager to taste our slow cooker’s creation. It was just perfect. The lamb was succulent and the flavor was caught exactly how it needed to be. There’s no evaporation with the West Bend 84966, which helps to capture all of the juicy flavors with each meal.

West Bend 84966 ReviewThe instruction manual suggests that the hot plate can double as a griddle and so we did try out making omelettes on it for our breakfast along with tiny pancakes. It works splendidly and because of the programmable timer, we can simply set a temperature and leave the food to cook itself out in the open without ever worrying about the food sticking to the plate, because of its high quality non-stick surface. The West Bend 84966 is also easy to clean up considering the fact that the cooking pot and its glass lid is dishwasher safe. For the heating base, a simple wipe with a wet cloth is all that is needed to keep it clean. The design of the West Bend 84966 initially gave us a scare considering how it blatantly deviates from traditional crock pots. However, having used it for a month now, we feel confident of its innate abilities as a slow cooker. Its designed for multiple functions and offers a good performance in all temperature settings – and not to mention, the West Bend 84966 is extremely durable and sturdy.

West Bend 84966 Features & Parts

  • 4 Electronic temperature settings of high, low, warm and griddle with 24 hours automatic shut-off.
  • Cooking pot accommodates 6 Quart comfortably; tempered glass lid shuts moisture inside.
  • Programmable control panel with easy to read LCD panel and soft buttons.
  • Dishwasher safe lid and cooking pot.
  • Exclusive West Bend 84966 Recipe book; 1 year limited warranty.

West Bend 84966 Slow Cooker Conclusion

The advanced West Bend 84966 slow cooker brings in programmable controls and a back lit LCD panel to an already popular and inexpensive line of slow cookers from West Bend. This new model works great, has got the same dependability as more expensive models and makes slow cooking that much easier, and much more fun. A larger 6 quart capacity can cook a large meal or make a small serving for one, making it highly versatile and useful on a daily basis.

We give the West Bend 84966 5/5 for its innovative and thoughtful design/functionality. Not to mention, Amazon are currently running a promotion on the West Bend 84966 – giving you big savings across the board.